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Estimate Your Roof Solar Saving on Electricity Bill | EFL

With climate change and issues with the environment rampant all over the world, the need to preserve energy has become increasingly important. And with so many people currently facing financial turmoil, the need to save money has become even more important. The problem with electricity is that the more you use it, the more you …

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How Does Solar Rooftop Panel Work | EFL

Fossil fuels are quickly being seen as a non-sustainable means of energy with global fluctuations in price and volume, causing the world to turn towards alternative solutions. The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy, which can be harnessed into clean solar energy. The developments in solar technology have made turning solar energy into electricity …

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Machine Loan: How to Identify The Right Machinery Supplier | EFL

Machinery and other heavy equipment is incredibly expensive and requires a lot of capital investment. This investment can take up a lot of your business expenses, regardless of whether you are buying the equipment or simply leasing. Therefore, a lot of research is necessary before selecting not only the right equipment but also the right …

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Micro Loans: Future of Book Publication Industry | EFL

According to a report by EY, The Indian publishing industry is pegged at Rs. 500 billion as of 2019 and projections predict it will reach Rs. 800 billion by 2024. Educational literature forms the majority of this revenue, followed by culture and recreation. As textbooks form the core of knowledge across educational streams, this alone …

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Solar Loan: Tax Benefits of Installing a Solar Panel | EFL

One of the chief operational costs of running a business is due to electricity consumption. And when a business needs to increase its output, electricity costs also rise proportionately. This is equally applicable to the residential sector as well, where more and more electricity is being consumed, especially in today’s remote working era. There is, …

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Machinery Loan: How Machine Tool Industry is Affected by Electric Vehicle Manufacturing | EFL

With the increase of electric motors as opposed to combustion engines, the automotive industry is facing a huge decrease in demand. This decrease is causing uncertainty amongst suppliers of combustion engines. So how does this affect the machine loan and tool industry? Will combustion engines and electric motors be capable of ever existing in harmony? …

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Increase Your Business Loan Eligibility in India | EFL

If you own a business, you must be ready to access additional funds through secured business loans whenever required. These are judged by pre-determined criteria formed by lenders and conclude your eligibility to get one. These criteria are based on a variety of factors, aligned to your business decision. Let’s take a look at the …

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Choose the Right Small Equipment Loan | EFL

As with most business owners, you also recognize that having the right equipment is crucial to driving business. However, purchasing and updating equipment can get expensive. And depending on your business needs, sometimes it’s simply not possible to pay for this equipment upfront. So how does a small equipment loan help? Equipment financing helps small …

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How Grow Business

Businesses are in constant need of funds for operations, upgrades and alliances. Often, these funds can be required on an urgent basis, where arranging them by yourself might not be expedient, and an external source needs to be approached for this purpose. This is when a MSME Business Loan can be a great support for …

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Loan Again Property

Even if you are incredibly meticulous with your finances, additional funds will often be required. That’s where your property comes in. Your property is a very valuable asset that could be used in case of financial emergencies by using your commercial or residential property to avail a mortgage loan. A mortgage loan is a type …

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