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6 Step Appy Machine Loan

If you are a small business owner, you know how important it is to upgrade your machinery from time to time in order to stay updated with the market trends. That is where a small machine loan comes into play. What is a small machine loan? Small machine loan or small equipment loan helps small …

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Get Solar Panel to Profit from the Sun | EFL

Take advantage of a quick Rooftop Solar PV installation loan.. Till a few years ago, solar energy was for the rare eco-friendly project. Standard electricity was the choice of millions with its low cost and easily availability. However, with increasing power consumption, the cost of power generation inputs and the need to switch from fossil-fuels …

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Choosing A Greener Way For Your Business (1)

It’s been a while that a lot of thought leaders, industry advisors, and energy scholars are passionately making the case for climate change and championing renewable energy. In the case of India, things are beginning to gain momentum and renewable energy is becoming mainstream slowly but surely. India is 3rd in the renewable energy country …

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Survival Guide For Indian Msmes In Covid 19 Second Wave (1)

The second wave of COVID-19 is affecting the way we live and work everyday. Though the pandemic has created multiple social and economic issues, what’s causing even more unease is the resulting financial pressure arising out of this situation of uncertainty. MSMEs especially have been hit hard and a lot of them are being closed …

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India is home to millions of small businesses that are thriving every day. There are approximately 42.50 million Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India. These SMEs employ millions of people, make a significant contribution to the GDP, and form a huge share of the manufacturing sector. Any business requires a lot of human resources, …

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Eflconnections Blog

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing almost a global lockdown, the economy is facing plenty of disruptions, causing several businesses to struggle. While it is important to be aware of the methods to face such situations, it is also essential to have the potential opportunities in mind that may arise once the economy starts to recover.Here …

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Blog 2

Most people find it easy to purchase new equipment or machinery as and when required. But what if you have limited financial resources or what if you aren’t looking to keep or use it for a long period? Then there’s always the option of buying second-hand equipment or machinery.   You’ll see many small businesses …

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How Chinas Business Loss Can Be Indias Gain

The negative perception towards China With Covid-19 being a global pandemic and causing disruptions all over the world, businesses have been struggling in every aspect. While China itself is recovering quickly and life is returning to normal, the country continues to suffer because of a negative sentiment the world has about its role in the …

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Financial Management During The Covid 19 Outbreak

Covid-19 and Businesses The Covid-19 pandemic has created an uncertain situation for businesses and there is no clarity on how long it will last. Several countries have gone into lockdowns and economic activities are certainly suffering. Striving in this environment asks for MSMES and other businesses to make careful decisions in terms of both risk …

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For anyone setting up a business where machinery is involved, the biggest decision is whether to buy new or used machinery. While in some cases buying the latest models is the right way to go and then some believe that they can make their venture work by purchasing second hand machinery and make it work …

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