Generators Loans

Industry overview

Generators and compressors provide various conveniences like uninterrupted industrial process, dispensation, flawless measuring and household water and drainage systems. Frequent power shortages and rapid industrial growth have increased the demand for generators. This is a well-organized and competitive market. In this overrated, concentrated and specialized industry, the commercial, original and industrial equipment manufacturers demand power generator and compressors for complimentary control and smooth business operation.

Expected growth

An ever-growing need for power in infrastructure and energy to boost overall economic growth, coupled with a 15% peak power deficit means this market is expected to grow in the future. Other factors that drive the growth of this industry are obstacle-free functionality of prominent electronic devices and a growing demand for generators with higher precision and advanced features. Technological advancements and fast-paced expansion rates have fuelled the progress of the generators and compressors market. The latest technologies, developing strategic alliances with manufacturers and communication equipment will all leverage this market for growth in the global industry.

EFL contribution

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