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A factory with the help of workers signifying industry property owners with EFL Industry property loans

What is Industrial Property Loan?

“Industrial property loan can be used for purchase of factory land and shed. An ideal product where savings of rentals can be used to pay EMIs for purchasing the property”.

Features of EFL- Industrial Property Loan

Loan Amount

Up to Rs.3 cr.


Repayable up to 84 months

Funding Value

Funding up to 60% of value

Land & Construction

Can fund purchase of land and construction
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How can you improve your chances of getting an Industrial Property Loan?

**Based on past EFL customers.
*The above parameters will improve the chances of getting a loan but are not mandatory

Benefits of Industrial Property Loan

You can avail loan for purchase of land and construction, both
Long tenure means lower EMI’s
You can save on rent and move into your own property

Why choose EFL for Industrial Property Loan?

How to apply:

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