Loan against Property by EFL, that helps you raise money from your property which can be used as collateral.

What is Loan Against Property?

Loan against Property is an ideal product to raise money when you have owned property which can be mortgaged. This product helps you use your free property to take a loan which can be used for business expansion, working capital or acquiring business assets.

Features of EFL- Loan Against Property

Loan Amount

Up to Rs. 3Cr


Repayable up-to 84 months

LTV Ratio

Up-to 70% of the property value


Industrial property can be used as collateral
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Industrial & Residential :

How can you improve your chances of getting Loan against Property?

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*The above parameters will improve the chances of getting a loan but are not mandatory

Benefits of Loan Against Property

Use owned property to generate funds which can be used for business expansion, asset acquisition or working capital
Long term tenure means easy repayment

Why choose EFL for Loan Against Property?

How to apply:

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