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What is a Rooftop Solar Loan?

Rooftop Solar Loans are used for acquiring and installing rooftop solar panels for meeting your electricity requirements. This loan helps you reduce your electricity bills thereby adding to your bottom-line and is also environmentally friendly.

Features that make you happy:

Loan Amount

Up to 75% of system/installation value


Up-to 5 years


Flexible and based on
customer profile

Speed of
getting a loan

Within 7 working days
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How can you improve your chances of getting a Rooftop Solar Loan?

Who can avail

We can provide rooftop solar loans to a vast number of verticals like:
Manufacturing Companies
Schools, Colleges, Educational Institutions
Other Service Industries

How will you benefit from a Rooftop Solar Loan?

It helps you install roof-top solar panels which will reduce electricity costs and increase savings
Accelerated depreciation benefits will help taxation
For loan amount up to Rs.15 lakhs, it can be done collateral free

Why choose EFL for a Rooftop Solar Loan?

How to apply

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