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Our four core values are the cornerstones of our business, our guiding stars. They define the way we work and inspire us to safeguard, value and nurture our relationships. While our company moves at a faster pace, constantly evolving and improving, our values remain consistent, urging us to be empathetic, ethical and responsible in all circumstances and relationships.
Think Original
Be Transparent
Customer First
Enjoy Work


No-title Leadership

At EFL, leadership is not hierarchical or linked to a designation. It’s about ownership of your job, of your responsibilities. Here, every single person is a leader. S(he) is the CEO of his/her own job, which is his/her business. More than delegation, we follow a distributed leadership model. We pull our own weight and earn our own profits.

Rewards and Recognition

We encourage healthy competition, and create a high-performance culture by recognising breakthroughs, and rewarding those who achieve them. Our employees are rewarded and recognized for thinking differently, for delivering by going out of the way, for their teamwork and for making a difference to the customer. We ensure that people who join us are made to feel at home from day one and ensure that they have a bright beginning to their career in EFL.

We believe in rewarding employees who have stayed with the organization through thick and thin and delivering when it matters most. EFL recognizes this by giving Tenure Awards every year. The  fact that some of our senior employees are with us for more than a decade is a testimony to this.

Approachable Management

We believe in listening to people without any prejudices. Listening improves everything – performance, relationships and builds a healthier organization. Our senior management ensures that everyone follows an open door policy and team members are encouraged to value add and provide their opinion. Events like birthday lunch and town hall provide a platform for sharing ideas and information.

People- Centric Culture

We believe in giving our people the best of opportunities in learning and growth. Because, people are our assets and we value them.


A transparent work culture is the hallmark of EFL. We take pains to keep our workplace free of fears, prejudices and politics. Our people are encouraged to speak their minds, open their hearts without worrying about consequences. We work on making EFL a safe, happy and positive place.

Heart to heart connect

Between work pressures and deadlines, the human connect is lost. But not so at EFL. At EFL we make it a point to go beyond the hard-lined professional connection and celebrate human connect. We always strive to spread a positive vibe and keep the culture friendly.

Family matters!

Work life balance is taken seriously at EFL and we make families a vital part of our people’s work life. We have a very inclusive policy where family is invited to be a part of celebrations. Family Connect, Retirement Celebration are some of our happy initiatives.

Work Culture
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