Meet the cash flow requirements of your business with a Working Capital Demand Loan by EFL

What is Working Capital Demand Loan?

Working Capital Demand Loan is addressed to meet your regular working capital needs. It can be used for raw material purchase or managing day-to-day business expenses to suit your business requirements.

Features of EFL- Working Capital Demand Loan

Loan Amount

Up to Rs 50 lakh

Interest Rate

Flexible and based on customer profile


Short term (upto 90 days) repayment

In Nature

Can be used again after repayment or after expiry of 1 year whichever is earlier.

Interest cost

Pay interest only on amount used
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Industrial & Residential :

How can you improve your chances of getting a Working Capital Loan?

**Based on past EFL customers.
*The above parameters will improve the chances of getting a loan but are not mandatory

Benefits of Working Capital Demand Loan

Use it as an additional overdraft loan

Why choose EFL for Working Capital Demand Loan?

How to apply:

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